Emerald / Esmeraude ~~ 60% Done

Emerald / Esmeraude ~~ 60% Done

Well well sports fans, what do we have here? A Sailor Moon costume from me?! First one in over two years you say? And a character that isn't Sailor Moon?! MADNESS.

Got the wig in today. I have been waiting for it to take some progress shots. What is left to do:
- Make gloves
- Finish necklace
- Finish edges on dress and add collar
- Add the points to the boots.

I'll be wearing this (plus two other new costumes) at ALA 2009! See you there!

Emerald / Esmeraude
Sailor Moon R
Emerald / Esmeraude
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10 years ago

TwiliteSea Oohh, you suit her so well!

Nativegirl Wow, this is beautiful so far!

The~Wind Gorgeous. I am curious about the necklace. How did you do that?

Fire Lily You look fabulous!! I just love the wig ^.^

Tazzy_ Heck yes!

Korinchan Awesome awesome awesome!

Vanity Fading wow everything is perfect!

Tali You look so gorgeous =3, Esmeraude reeallly suits you!

VanillaMoon this suits you totally perfect!!!

Amiya Absolutely beautiful! Love the color of the wig!

mokulen22 awesome! I just finished watching an ep. of sailor moon with her in it...you did a great job!

Zédrielle Absolutely gorgeous *o*

HezaChan HAWT

dustyG awesome costume,can't wait to see it finished

Angelica wow looks awesome!!!

Miki-san whowies, absolutely awesome Esmeraude! Im planning on doing this costume aswell, yours seem to turn out stunning.

etaru urgh why you gotta be so pretty all the time?? *Hugs and kisses and all that! <3

DragonKeeper omg...that is utterly and completely AWESOME! I love Emerald. Haha I should do Saphire since I HAVE always been a Sailor Moon fan. Maybe one day when I have more time and money. I hope to see you at a con soon. You going to Sac Anime this January?

DragonKeeper Awesome! I should hang out with you more anyway >_> haha I always see you at cons and we only have very brief moments of hellos and then we part for whatever reason. I'm not sure what I'm going to bring either >.< I've done Joker so many times don't know if I want to do him again. I miss doing my Vash and most people know me as the Sac Anime Vash anyway. I might go as Dante though from DMC 4. If I go as Dante you should do Trish and we should do a skit together or something.

Ahza_miracle awww i see u in ALA >W<.. U are so sweet >w<...i hope see u again ^^

Mirromaru Woah, that looks awesome! I envy you that you can go to sexy from cute instantly it seems ^^ Love the wig and necklace! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished costume ^_^

MsBrandonHeat Oh.. my... awesome overload. XD