Our little Zelda group Christmas Card

Our little Zelda group Christmas Card

Our little Zelda Con Family Christmas Card XD
Left to right, top to bottom:
Hiyoko-Chan's Dark Zelda
Forcebewitya's Magic Armor
King Cobra (a.k.a. Nightmare Machine's) Princess Zelda
Rikku-Chan's True-form Midna
LunaLadyofLight's aLttP Princess Zelda
Akuriko's Zelda II Princess Zelda

But we can't forget Gipps! MissShanksALot, Nytengale, Countess Lenore, aBrokenBullet, Amanda, Alex, Hilary, Brian and others!

I love all of you guys! ^_^ <3 <3 <3

Dark Link: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda
Dark Link: Twilight Princess
YoumaCon '08
12 years ago

Rikku-chan it's our family!!! we really gotta get a picture of the ENTIRE FAMILY!! but this TOTALLLLY Needs to be an xmas card!! XD haha LOVE YOU TOO, INKERS!!!

NiGHTmaren You all look amazing, I love the blend of characters.

HimeZelda I love how old school is lurking in this <3

Elsch awesome. ^^

InkyLink Hehe, a Zelda brady bunch! That pretty much says it XD I know Rikku-Chan we need to get all of us in a picture sometime! Thank you for the complements, everyone! ^_^

Hiyoko-chan I just wuvs our Zelda fam!! :D ..and like i was telling FBWY, being Dark Zelda, my cards would be filled with ANTHRAX! XD

LadyoftheThread Nice group! :-)

InkyLink LOL Hiyoko! XD XD EXCELLENT IDEA. Dark Link approves! XD -InkyLink

The-Real-Link This is a wonderful group shot :)

InkyLink Thanks TRL! I absolutely love the pics you got for us too! Thanks so much! -InkyLink

princemercury1 Amazing ^_^

NytenGale i like how we've added to this at acen....hopefully deathcom will put it up soon and we can watch as our family grows! *gags on cheesinesses*