La Marionnette de Ganon: Zelda

La Marionnette de Ganon:  Zelda

Please correct my French if that's incorrect!

I was going to have this done for Halloween, but school sort of made that impossible, lol.

Oh my loooooooooord, PITACG was PITACG! (PITA = Pain In The Ass). But I'm actually happy with the results!

This is another photo from the Morton Arboretum shoot with some photoshop flair. I've wanted to do a Possessed/Dark Zelda shoot since I played Twilight Princess, but I've only had the opportunity to do one photo shoot in this costume, much less a photo shoot where I can doll myself up with so much makeup. In any manner, when I came across this picture among all the others that were taken back in October, something about it struck me and made me think, "You know, I bet I could look really evil if I just had yellow eyes...and white skin...and maybe some dark green stripes all over my neck and face..." XD I hope it looks convincing! It took an annoyingly long time to get the skin color and tatoo markings to look realistic... D:

Photographer: Tanya
Costume made/worn by me

Dark Zelda / Possessed Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

lunaishtar Loved the possesed zelda CG. Great pic.

Rikku-chan SOOO Creeepy but wow AWESOME!! I love how realistic the designs actually look! this would be such a cool costume to do!! =D

NiGHTmaren Holy smokes, lady! I love it! I never thought I'd see this version of Zelda pulled off so well.

Albel-Nox You did such a awesome job on the make-up!! Thats really amazing *___* The best dark Zelda ive seen so far!

shadowlink O.o o_o i was stunned when i saw this amazing job on possessed zelda my hero's garb hat off to you ^_^

Lady Tyrona bwhuhaha! Well I don't want to encounter you in a dark ally! You look amazing!

Elaïse Perfect french and awesome costume and make up^^

Elsch wow~ amazing. *_*

Hiyoko-chan its absolutely amazing Jaquii! you look great all evily! :D

Jaquii <b>Hiyoko-chan:</b> That's great to hear, not only because I usually look like a cannibal when I look evil (my drivers license is a testament to that), but because I reeeeeeeeally really love your Dark Zelda!!! Evil Zeldas 4-ever! :3

ako_pah I really like when people push the costume to the limit like YOU.......... :bigtu: Everthing is so perfect.............. :sunny:

Quita This costume is crazy-ass accurate! Wicked job!

The-Real-Link It really has this brushed on effect like good makeup design and not obvious photoshopping! I was shocked at first when I looked at it and thought you "weathered" your Zelda costume lol... This looks sweet and I can imagine it took quite a bit of time to CG! Eeeevvviiill!

LinkInSpirit Sweet!

HimeZelda Amazing!

kawaii_ringo I love this! it looks perfect :)

MaiSheri I love how you even put the design on the ears!! Amazing attention to detail both with the costume itself and your manipulation. i hope you get the opportunity (and time!!!) to actually do the makeup someday

Arroyo You look beautiful and evil at the same time. Amazing work!

coslink Fantasic work!!!!!! awsome stuff!! <3 you look stunning! =3 xxxx

Hiyoko-chan Haha we have much in common then, because my driver's license looks like a mug shot for America's Most Wanted haha! XD i heard you'll be going to Ohayocon?? we should totally get a photoshoot together! :D

skinnyAZN This is so beautiful! your work is amazing! <3

Forcebewitya very nice ^_^

Maronu_Eruriku Awesome! Great make-up I love your costume of possessed Zelda, the normal version is amazing too.

mirrorsaber Scary but really good job!

Tranquility Beautiful and so cool! I love all the detail you put into everything :)

Sands oh wow i love this! looks really convincing

Narayu awesome !!!! I love your make-up !! the eyes are just like that !! you're look like really evil here !! .... (your french is very correct => I'm French ^^' ) but in french, in the game, is just traduce by : "Zelda possedée" )

Mao-Sama Oh my god.........................AWESOME!! >_< I love it <333 soooo much

Pancake-mix Snap! I saw this in your avatar and just had to see the whole thing... wow! I love the detail in your skin. It's so creepy, in a way that we don't normally think of Zelda. Great job~

Usagitxo WOW WOW WOOOOOOWW!!!! I envy you!!! >_____< So cooool and awesome!! * //// *

Serafima Cool!! I wanted to actually paint myself like that this year for Aki-Con... but I didn't... :(

Nuiihren Oh my god, somaone THAT gorgeous commented on your Euphie ;__; You're stunning. The amount fo work you've done is so amazing.

Dante-san OMG!!! you look amazing *O*

PrinzessinZelda OOhhh!!!! I love your cosplay!!! Some day I will make one like this...well... not so good hehehe. Yours it's perfect!!!

Jia Jem oooooo! AWESOME job~!!! What did your mom say about your new tattoo?

Gryphus OMG! This makeup is kickass! Really awesome. The costume is gorgeous! Fav. *_*

etaru Wow, that is so eery, but awesome!

Humbi This is a very nice's not obvious at all ^^ And really, I love this costume. I saw the photoshopped picture somewhere once and was reminded of you after your comment in my WIP Impna (Imp Midna X3)~

Ichigodraw Just Perfect *__* ( And the french is correct ^^ )

Kenlink Wilder O.O!! Holy CRAP!! That's amazing!! Great job!!

CoolKidMitch, epic. Thats all I got lol

JeSTeR-Mor Impressive! Amazing costume and Photoshoot

suzuki WOW veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good ._.

Knux02 wohoo~ possessed zelda :D

Sheik Chan Oh Wow... You're gorgeous! This is so beautifully--evil. XD! I have a Dark Sheik costume, so I'm always amazed at the lovely Dark Zelda characters.. Hehe. <3 +Favorite ^~^!


bornahorse For a second, I seriously thought you had yellow contacts and had drawn the markings on your skin. Amazing!!!

amaterasumikami Amo esa fotografia, un gran trabajo de maquillaje *__* dios todo muy bien logrado o.o Me gusta la armadura todo esta muy lindo *^*

PikachuRepublic OH no you DIDNT!

SkuldGoddess That's the best possesed Zelda evah~! =D *hug* o3o