AW! I love this shot. ^^
This is chibinis-chan and me as Myoubi and Tsugiri. We have been planning to wear these costuems for the last 2 years now~ and FINALLY we did it! X3
The photo-shoot was a lot of fun and I like how the costumes look together, although it is strange to wear a costume I did back in 2006.. so many mistakes. >_<;

Single shot will follow. ^^

photo © Himbeerpudding/Henkersbraut

10 years ago

Crazydeath oh that photo is so wonderful. the backround is perfect for the cosplays *.*

Chibi Jedes mal wenn ich das Bild sehe, macht es mich traurig, dass sich mein Kragen umgedreht hat T.T <3

Leroks You're my heroes! i love all your cosplays and your pics.

Pan-Chan Beautiful! Your costumes are lovely, as is this photo!

KoriStarfire you looks so cute! and the red and green are very christmas-y n.n

Albel-Nox Thats wonderful. The colors turns out perfect. I love it!

LiL KRN YUNA You never cease to amaze me <3

KitsuneSqueak You guys are so tweaking awesome *o*

neoangelwink wow so very pretty ^_^

Jaquii sooooooooooooo gorgeous...I love alichino. You guys do that series justice!

Milady Lol, it is sometimes weird to wear a costume you've made many times before... when it happens I'm always " wtf ? how could I've done this crap ?" but your looks far from this ^^;;

Jasone Amazing! I love this photo!

Elaïse Lovely^^

Miki-san cool photo, it has autumn written all over it :)

Mikumik Beautiful photo!~ and such beautiful cosplays also :O

Gwydion Those costumes are just beautiful! And such a sweet shot to show them off, too.

Mi-yu you are amazing ! *_____________________* i really love youre cosplays >_<

Ariah It's a very great costume. Old ? It doesn't look like ^^

seawaterwitch Beautiful as painting. Just like two fairies fall from the sky ^___^

chibiplum So beautiful!

Tsunehito dein cos sah so toll aus *-* tolles foto~

Rukia. awesome pic and costumes :O!!

Nuiihren Du bist so wunderschön. Genial.

Feena-chan woow *___* *keine Worte findet*...g-genial!!!!!!!! Ich liebe das bild *-*

twins I'm from mexico, I found out you were invited to a convention and I really really want to meet you in person and to know if you already have the cosplays you'll bring to the TNT, I want you to bring the one from Sailor Aluminium Siren, that one is really awesome... I admire you a lot, you are an excelent cosplayer.......byee see you on :3

Dra.Kokoro yey for alichino cosplay *-* !!! *-* BRAVO!

princemercury1 Amazing costumes as always *_*

Dynasty ^^ Sooo beautyful. ^^

erioru very cool shot >___<" !!+++

Reamy I love your costumes so much! : O So detailed and so clean! Great job...belated great job considering these are a few years old, but NEVER THE LESS, GREAT costumes! : D

magehikari so wonderful 8D you look like a dool ^^

magehikari *doll. sorry for my typo -_-'' i'm waiting ur next wonderful photos 8D

Reito_enji AWESOME *_*

Ivy your costumes are always so amazing! I lake of vocabulary to express how everything is perfect on this picture

arlyux great photooooo!! and a beatiful cosplay!! you are an inspiration to us! =D

Choi I cant see the mistakes you ar talking about. Beautiful pic.

Choi I can't see the mistakes you are talking about. Beautiful pic.

negativedreamer perfect!!!

Yuna_sun omg i love this picture it looks so full of epic *.*

Integral F.W.H. Amazing!!!

+.-.uzuki.-.+ the details are so gorgeous (*o* )

-Naraku- just only LOVE!!!! You both looks so beautifull *o* I'm in Love

Mary Plu Moon OMG! *-* this photo is awesome! perfect costume as always! :) kisse :*

lost_teflon These are such beautiful costumes!!! Amazing!

Ely amazing picture!!!!!!

MakuroShin Oh my god! It's beautiful!

Edea my, you are still doing great like usual dear

SanctusIX Hello!!! too many time!!! kyaaa! I'm upload two photos with you taked with me! *0* Byebye!!!

Wardje Very professional

Sheik Chan This is a beautiful photo and angle. I love it ^~^