a rising evil

a rising evil
The Legend of Zelda
Magic Armor Link
Magic Armor Link
10 years ago

Rikku-chan gahhh all these shots are SOOO EPIC!! Inkers excells at being your shadow XD haha and your Magic Armor Link is just incredible!!

Jaquii your armor is too cool for school, my friend.

shadowlink O.o this is a really epic pic, a good shot of both of you man, d looks creepy in the background awesomeness

Lady Tyrona that's such a cool shot! XD

KHRiku_4ever You two look badass to the max here. Are you two the same height even? That's too perfect. InkyLink's eyes... those contacts are so sweet! I want some now

Dante-san OoO!!!! awesome!!

Solvet Saeclum ADMIRABLE!!!! >.<

Forcebewitya Yeah we're almost the same height and stature. Inky is just about an inch shorter than I. It works out well!

Leo Demarlo is shorter than you? Crazy! I didn't realize that and thought it was the other way around. Your costumes are amazing...some day I'll reach your caliber! Hope Milwaukee is treating you guys well.

Forcebewitya yeah its been good so far for me anyway. Yeah D usually wears boots that make him an inch or two taller than me lol

Allison Holy crap! Awesome! Epic is all I can use to describe this picture. You and Inky Link are awesome!

XMenouX wow great work ^^b