Callesto Merida from Brave [Pixar]
Costume 100% made by me
Wig is custom made & styled by me

Model: Me
Photography: BertLePhoto at Deviantart, October 2012

I made this costume, Merida's princess dress, as a secret for SDCC this year and finally got a photoshoot with it last week!
My dress has ~13 hours worth of screen printing on it and countless hours of hand-gluing 3700 gems to the bottom. Even though I don’t wear a corset with it as she does in the movie, I still can’t move or breathe in the thing lol. Wig is also custom made by me (and is a continual piece of work) along with the work on my bow and arrows! Probably one of my favorite costumes to date, if I wear it to ALA I’ll be making her circlet and white head piece (: