Invitation to Battle

Invitation to Battle

Here's another close up shot of my TP Zelda costume! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take pictures at the Morton Arboretum in mid October! It's really quite beautiful there that time of year. Yay for nature! :3

A few more notes about craftsmanship/materials used: I used purple taffeta for the bodice. I thought it was strangely appropriate because A) Zelda's bodice seems to change color in all of the reference pictures of her, and while it's nice that this taffeta is shimmery, I really chose it because it almost changes color depending on the angle you look at it from (not drastically, mind you) and B) It's pretty!

I used ivory bridal satin for the dress. A LOT of it. I have yet to post a picture of this costume that really showcases how huge this dress is, but it is large and in charge (not to mention heavy as hell with the 500000 pounds of seed beads on it!). That picture is coming in the future, mwahaha!

Photo by Tanya (my bff!)
costume by me

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

Rikku-chan wow your Zelda is absolutely GORGEOUS!! your armor is so detailed!! beautiful!

AoutValour Wow. You look awesome.

Albel-Nox wow~ thats awesome. the taffeta is such a great choise *____* and i now how hard it is with all the beads @[email protected]

KoopaT Truly worthy of the name Zelda :) You look amazing, Jaquii! I hope we'll bump into each other at a Common convention in the near future, i HAVE to see this in person! Keep up the wonderful work!

Zoroko awesome awesome! *dies*

CosplayerGabi workmanship looks really good. Nice job, it must have taken so long.

Yuna_sun GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! your costume is just perfekt!!! you look so fantastic i can´t belive it *.* realy great work

The-Real-Link This is astounding every time I see any shots of it. The detail really shows O.o

LinkInSpirit Beautiful!

smirnoff really perfect

Elaïse So Class!!

SeishinKibou Absolutely amazing~ *o*

Lady Tyrona Was about time you showed us more pictures of this absolutely incredible costume of yours. Just by looking at it you can see that you've put so much love and attention into it, it's nuts!

Maronu_Eruriku Awesome! You made a great details, I really love your sword *-*

negativedreamer looking great as usual!

Hiyoko-chan i am always in awe with your zelda Jaquii!! *O*

Jaquii Thank you so much for all of your comments! :D

NiGHTmaren Jesus Christ, your Zelda is just...beyond gorgeous. I BETTER see this at Ohayo!

LaPetiteSalope 500000 pounds of AWESOME. you are so beautiful T____T!!!

Forcebewitya very nice!

Miss LollyPop OMG SO U R SO PRETTY thanks for the coment

lunaishtar Beautiful pose.

InkyLink This costume is so incredible. It was very much worth all of the work you put into it! ^_^ -InkyLink

HimeZelda I envy your Zelda so much XD yet you comment on my Zelda pictures... Ah well I should be happy with what I have... ^.^ After all I do have a Link.

Elsch pretty^^

Starry_Eyed Your costume is epic. Truly, you are a picture *perfect* Zelda ;)

PikminLink WOW, so pretty!!

Core You look so beauty! nice costume ^_^

nightfall55 amazing!

Arroyo I think you're one of the best Zelda cosplayers out there. Thank you so much for your comment on my WIP armor. : D

Riikku wow !! *____* You make a very beautiful Zelda!! =D

Gryphus This is so gorgeous.

fly_aguilera grateful for his comment so sweet and gentle ^^* their cosplay are beautiful and detailed! I loved it! a big hug your friend's Brazilian

Kenlink Wilder You make a very beautiful Zelda X3 I wish my Link was as detailed ^^ Keep up the good work!

kaolinite You look so pretty!

PrinzessinZelda Hey what materiar your armor made?

Tifakiki7 Wow, no matter how many pics I see of this I am still stunned! I hope I can see it in person one day-it's just so perfect!!

Sephxlord The best Zelda I've seen O_O!!

Gaia_Vedai WOW *_* Super pretty!

LinkandZelda Your zelda is so awesome I am hoping once I loose the extra weight to redo mine make better Armour and get another wig and crown. My partner did Link and we hope to improve his link as well. But excellent god

Missyeru You are the best Zelda I've ever seen!! are you going to Acen this year or have you worn this at past acens?! I'd love to see the detail work in person!!! I'm drooling at your craftmenship!!!!!

manolo-kun i love this pic , and i love ur cosplay

Ashford amazing :D

Integral F.W.H. Awesome *)