Pierce the Heavens!

Pierce the Heavens!

I have been working on this costume since July. Through lots of mishaps, lost packages in the mail, a prop commissioner backing out, etc...I finally got the costume at least wearable to the inagural event of Xcon World right here in my backyard of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The costume is about 85% finished here. I just need a better belt [that one is a stand-in], the "bracers/bracelet/thingies" for the gloves, and to attempt making my own rifle. I'm entirely happy to actually have the costume at least this complete and cant wait to finish making my rifle and take some better pictures.

Yoko Ritona
Gurren Lagann
Yoko Ritona
Yoko Ritona
10 years ago

alicat You make a lovely Yoko!! :] -is from SC too- I'd love to take pics with you with my Nia sometime. ^.^

shonen_jidai Nice Yoko!^^ Just gotta get that big gun prop and complete that last 15%, but this looks good!

!*Jessi-Chan*! alicat: *huuugs* I hardly meet any other SC cosplayers. I'd love to take pics w/ you in your Nia shonen jidai: thanks! i cant wait to start on the gun

Hitokiri Kenshin You make a lovely Yoko.

!*Jessi-Chan*! thanks hitokiri kenshi!

hentaigirl82 Looking good Yoko love the background reach to the heaven girl haha

!*Jessi-Chan*! hentaigirl: loooove you! zipchan: YES! We really need to do that because your Star Boobs is great. We need a Time Skip and we're all set! I might be doing the Bounty Hunter and PW1 Yoko next year some time *squeals!*

Teh Donnimon Eeeeeeee!!~ YOKO PIERCES THE HEAVENS!! It looks really nice so far, now all that's left if the rifle. Dx And I like the whole beach effect too, really nice. Humn, makes me wanna do Viral too. *0*

Quina You have the most adorable expression on your face, I love this picture :)!! ROWROW<3

jounink sweet yoko! That shade of red looks so good on ya

lovexviolet You make a pretty yoko! ^^

J Ryoga Awesome Yoko! Love the hair.