The Path of Excess Leads to the Tower of Wisdom

The Path of Excess Leads to the Tower of Wisdom

That title doesn't have much to do with this picture; I'm listening to "Gravity of Love" by Enigma, and it had the word "wisdom" in it,'s sort of related to Zelda? I know, wtf...

Finally, finally, FINALLY I have some full body shots of my TP Zelda costume! Oh my gosh, I have been waiting for this day, since my senior year of high school, which was three years ago! D: What a journey this costume has been! I can't express enough how much I loved/hated this outfit at points; there were so many times I wanted to work on other costumes, but I felt as though I had to finish this one before I could move on. But finally, it's done, and I'm so happy about it!! XD

I was going to do a photo shoot over a month ago, but moving to Chicago and transferring schools happened, which sort of threw me for a spin. But last week, I realized that all the leaves were rapidly changing color and falling, and thought, "Oh no!! I'm going to miss my chance to take pictures in the fall, my favorite season! ;_;" and dragged my best friend, Tanya, off to the Morten Arboretum to take pictures. I'm so glad that I did! The weather was perfect, as was the scenery, and Tanya took some incredible shots. This is actually a very bland shot compared to some of the other ones we took, but I wanted to get a nice, clear full body shot up! :D I'll be posting several other pictures in the next few weeks.

Tanya also took some close-up detail shots of all the embroidery and beading, which I'll post in the description of the next picture I post! The pictures are on her computer, which I don't have the password for. XD

PS~ Yes, I am as tall as I look in this shot; a whopping 5'10" with heels. *_*

Photo by Tanya Z.
(please check out her artwork at !!)

costume by me

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

Jaina Solo DAY. UM.

lunaladyoflight Awesome job!!

Volpin Exquisite detail, especially in the embroidery on the gown. Also, your sword rocks.

Rissid That is totally beautiful!

Kairi G Simply amazing. I love the beading you did. Its all just spectacular!!!

The-Real-Link Superb! After getting to see this back at Otakon, I really don't think a bad photo could be taken. There's so much love and dedication put into this costume that it's well, amazing! This photo is cool though too - it combines busyness of the costume and tree but not much else around it for a focused effect. WOW

kyandi-chan You are like the real life Zelda! I love all of the wonderful detailing you've put into this. You really outdid yourself now. o.o So cool *squee*

Oyasumi Beautiful !! ^^ Congratulations for your costume ! ^^ very good work !

effembee Aw MAN, Jaquii!!! You have been working on this costume for EVER and it has completely paid off in the end. This is absolutely GORGEOUS and you should be SOOOO so so so proud of yourself.

Rynn Perfection? Yes.

KoopaT Simply amazing, Jaquii! I hope to see this in person one day!

leahhime I have always wanted to see a full body shot of your costume and I have to say it is amazing!!!

Kazukii WIN! *^* SO perfect!

PikminLink full shot! yes and you look so perfect!

NiGHTmaren I have so much love for this costume. o.o

Hiyoko-chan extremely beautiful and perfect on every level!! XD i really love how much work you put into this to make it so wondefully accurate!! you are THE best Princess Zelda EVAAH!

Uta Arashino This photo, you and your costume are all gorgeous. Great job.

FrozenNight Gorgeous, I love it! *_*

Elsch Wow~ amazing costume. *_*

Zoroko OMG I want to take pictures with you........ ;O;

RaaBee Amazing! You make such an amazing Zelda, and your costume is too perfect

arkebuse fantastic shot congratulations!

Lady Tyrona I don't come even close when I say your costume is absolutely gorgeous. You really leave me without words.

nintendo_geek wow, this is absolutly* stunning =D

Jaquii Thank you all so very much for all of your kind words! <3

seely omg that's really an amazing costume I totally love it *___*

replay i really want to know where you found the blue crystles on the brest piece? i echo everyone elses comment that it is the best zelda costume i have seen, i hope that mine own will come close to your own, as my canadian room mate says either go hard or go home!

Mondkind AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Wolfwood9000 Ahhh! It turned out gorgeous. So perfect! Amazing job <3

Tranquility Whoops, that last comment was me logged in under my boyfriend's account. I don't want you to think that some Ganondorf guy is hitting on you. Haha.

sikay very nice!! all details looks so beautifuls!!!

Smarebear Wow, that is just amazing! You did such an awesome job on it ^.^ I love the tree in the background!

shadowsage O.O I'm speechless

Yuna_cosplaybox I love this pic, congratulation!!

Akroma you are one spectacular zelda! I am seriously at awww with your costume!

epi Amazing....i like your costume, details too....

simonsaz3 Oh gosh, it was such a surprise to see you at ACen this year! =)

Chocobo Jockey I know nothing of Zelda, I must admit, but this costume is absolutely gorgeous!!