The Mummer's Motley

The Mummer's Motley

Ginger and I attended Another Anime Con 2008 and, as always at that convention, we had a blast! She wore her Judge Bergan costume and I debuted my Judge Drace costume. Both are inspired by Final Fantasy XII. This is my first costume from Final Fantasy.

This is a back view of our armor and mantles. The new hotel for AAC was a fantastic backdrop for these types of costumes; it was designed in the interior and exterior to look like a castle.

More photos of the details in the front of the costume will be posted soon.

Judge Drace and Judge Bergan
Final Fantasy XII
Judge Drace
11 years ago

negativedreamer wow! these look sweet from the back. you need to post shots of the front now! take care and i hope your thanksgiving rawked!

cloudwarrior this is a seriously awesome pic ^-^