Sailor Aluminum Siren

Sailor Aluminum Siren

Another shot of my Siren costume. This is one of my favourites. *_*
But why does I always have to look like a jellyfish? ;_;

photo © Ronny Pischel/LOKInst
edit © me

Sailor Aluminum Siren
Sailor Moon
Sailor Aluminum Siren
10 years ago

Gilraen wonderful *O*

nicki_013 wow I absolutely love your cosplay and this pic!!

mr-kobayashi This one is just amazing, you look wonderful!

Lady Tyrona wow..........just wow 0_o

Kairi_Heartless I like it so much <3

AoutValour Really lovely outfit.

Selphie_fairy Absolutely beautiful!

Rikachan you are charming *___*

Choi i love the level of details you put in all your costumes.

Tazzy_ Wow.

rosabella You look gorgeous and your eyes are stunning in this picture!

sodenoshirayuki AAAAAAAAAAAH TOO AWESOME &#9829; I really loved your costume! *_* and awesome contacts! :3

Shizuku Hawt *___* +behalt+

Uta Arashino That looks amazing! *_*

CosplayerGabi Wow your contacts really pop. This looks great and the drape of the skirt part is really well done.

Albel-Nox Stunning as usual!

kowaipanda jellyfish? you make a very sexy and gorgeous jellyfish then! <3 your eyes are beautiful!

celestial Ceres You're so beautiful, I love this Cosplay *___*

Miaka-li It's so beautiful!

Chibi Es ist so so sooooo toll Elschi >.< *mit ganz vielen Herzis beschmeiß*

Yuna_sun wooooooooooooow great!!!!!!!! einfach großartig echt geniales bild!! totaly amazing

neoangelwink i love this outfit ^_^

Kazeki Your ALuminium Siren cosplay looks so good!!

Ely Amazing shot! I love this pose, you look so nice ;)

JadySaphira O_O das bild ist ja mal absolut liebe (du ja auch >D lolz) hab noch keinen gesehen der das cossi so schön gemacht hat <3

Tsunehito das cossi sieht so toll aus *staun* wunderschön ^-^

mero-chan Gorgeous. *__*

chibiplum So much amazing and deserving of crazy praises. OMG... this looks perfect on you.

Kasai Absolutely gorgeous! :D It's so rare to see this character, especially so well done!

Ängël Ärwën wonderfull pose, body and expression! Awesome and beatifull!

Freak!! very cute are so pretty..Love&#9829;

Qantaqa *grin* Dankeseeeehr ^^ (@Fleur) Ich mag deine Siren so gern *_*~~ Irgendwann, wenn ich für dich und Kanna koche, musst du es anziehn. Mag es live sehn :D

Katha You don´t look like a jellyfish. It´s awesome...!!!!! XD

Miki-san oh yeah, love this cosplay! Aluminum siren rocks so much, everything is perfect!

leahhime Your put so much time and effort into creating the feel of the characters in your photos and it always pays-off. Your costume is beautiful ^_^

Daiyame Great Shot! I like the contrast between your eyes and lips to the skin. And the angel of the photo makes your legs loos even longer.

Quita Wow, that is so pretty! I love the detail you put into the outfit - your dedication really shows! Keep up the great work!

Straightener Wunderschön! *_* *sprachlos*

negativedreamer this is totally sweet!

Feena-chan wooow your totaly beutifull and your cosplay so amazing *o* du bist echt genial *o*

xKasumix I'm so in love with this! Amazing! *_*

Chelseahavoc *_* your siren is so pretty. im amazed at how well of a job you did

seawaterwitch OMG so beautiful ^^

Jasone Madre mia! PERFECT and very beautiful photo!

NiGHTmaren Amazing Siren, everything looks so clean! I wish I could get pics with you with my Iron Mouse! ;_;

Kiyoko_san thx for your nice commend to my lulu cosplay ^^ O_O wow you are a perfect cosplayer, i love this cos ^.- nice wishes from austria XD kiyoko

Gryphus You are so beautiful

JZH first time i've seen Siren well done... u are my princess! great!)))

Yunnaleska Hey, you don't look like a Jellyfish! xD . You and your costume are lovely!.

Priss_Asagiri Very nice cosplay!