bakaforce_blond The top is very, very close to finished. I need to shorten the straps in the back, and then I'll be done with that!
I need to find a way to cut the V shape into the hot pants without ruining the elastic (I purchased the pants originally at Burlington Coat Factory and altered them a bit). I plan on using the belt in the pictures, though I still need to attach the studs and belt buckle. I only have to make/buy (which ever's easier) the gloves, finish up my gun, purchase yellow chopsticks, and restyle the front wig, and I'm good to go!
I blurred out my face in the second photo because I had a very, verrrrrry dumb expression on my face. xD
I'm sorry for the crap quality once again, and I also apologize as I'm verrrry tired and wearing no makeup. : (
My yellow/brown contacts came in today, too~ I'm super excited to test those out!