Turnabout Romance.

Turnabout Romance.

Myself as Mia Fey and Miles as Diego Armando. Photo taken by Lionel [lionboogy] at Anime USA 2008. I JUST received these shots back from the convention, and I adore pretty much the entire set! While I'm not much of a Mia fan, I do love me some Godot/Diego, and when Miles mentioned wanting to do Diego, I knew I HAD to do her. I love the wind flipping my wig around in this shot! Both costumes were constructed by myself, though I will freely admit that Mia was a rush job, constructed over the course of a day while feeling deathly ill. I hope to improve her in the future.

Please no critiques/criticism. I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3

Mia Fey & Diego Armando
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Mia Fey
11 years ago

lilaznfreak The costumes are stunning! i think they both look AWESOMEEE =D and the picture gives such a happy vibe!i'm feelin it lol. but i love it. and you look so pretty as mia :3

lawy-chan *_* sugoii!!!!

Quantum9 I love it how everyone who plays Phoenix Wright is instantly inspired to cosplay from it =D

etaru I am pretty much in love with this set, that or the constant mouth-covering mug action! (Take that as you will xD) You guys look awesome, keep it up!

Vain A rush job and you look that amazing? Wow! Good Stuff :D!