Frying Pan Upgrade

Frying Pan Upgrade
@Scruffy Rebel

Don't think I've been on since Fanime or something! Goodness. Haven't made any new cosplay in a while, so instead here's a new photo of an old cosplay in honor of the new Indy movie coming out on DVD. Even though I'd rather watch Raiders a million times before watching Crystal Skull a second time >.>

Marion: Me
Indy: Marc

Photographer: Alex Cave

Marion Ravenwood
Indiana Jones Series
11 years ago

bobbarker31 You look more Marion than the actor herself. :p

astillar Wow. Great work on that blouse. Heck, the both of you did a good job.

Syagria Awesome!! :D

etaru That's badass, you guys portray the characters right off the screen! <3

neoangelwink so cool ^_^

Starxade I'm such a big Indy fan and you brought such an awsome feel to the Marion character in this photo! ^^.....-"t"