11 years ago

Oshi Wow, excellent sculpt. I suppose this is going to go to making a negative for a latex mold?

WARPAINTandUnicorns I was going to say this was Laplace no Ma but the ears and nose are not right for him. it's very cool by the way!

Lynx Thanks for the compliments! I still need to fix the nose a little bit. This is going to be used to make a negative. I'm planning on doing a thin latex skin then filling it out with foam latex. I'd use the foam for it all but what I have is a few years old and doesn't want to expand quite properly anymore. I hadn't heard of Laplace no Ma before but looks interesting. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to make with this yet. It'll either be a grey furred rabbit if I can find the right fur or perhaps a more demonic looking black furred version.

Space Lion Great sculpt! This makes me think of some "fractured fairy tale" version of Alice in Wonderland or something. I dig it.