~Blue Siren~

~Blue Siren~

Finally a photo of my Sailor Aluminum Siren costume.
This was soo rushes, like everything I do lately. XD I am suprised that it turned out quite nice though. ^^
Hope you like it~

Sailor Aluminum Siren
Sailor Moon
Sailor Aluminum Siren
10 years ago

Lady Tyrona Omg, it's gorgeous! The fabric flow is crazy and you look super smexy in it.

Rikachan you are beautifulst, you love this characters of Sailor Moon,you have realized perfectly!!

Feder Ohhh so pretty.... *__*/

negativedreamer this is awesome, and you totally look great!

PrincessAyumi Very awesome and so sexy *-*

Zédrielle Fabulous!!!

VisualGoth you are soooooo beautiful in this cos and i dont see you @ the Connichi >.< *sigh*

seely I saw you at connichi you rock! *__* AMAZING!

sweetmariecr OMG! awesome

NotEnoughMayo OH WOW!seriously amazing costume!The fabric flows so nicely it's crazy!

Freak!! so wen mein englisch gut wäre, würde ich das alles jetzt auf englich sagen : Das ist toll..wirklich... Auch ein super Foto von der Perspektive her...einfach supi

FrozenNight Gorgeous! *_*

Sweet~Pea wow, that's perfect, I love the skirt flare ^^

Elaïse Really class!!

Rynn Beautiful!!

chiisaiSaku perfect,..... I think the best!!!!!

rosabella Best Aluminum Siren EVAR!!

VampiricMosaic I love your Siren! I especially love the crease effect you did with the coat. Very lovely job! ^o^

kowaipanda Oh my such a gorgeous costume and cosplayer! <3 <3

Alessa This costume is so incredibly awesome! :)

effervescence Ooh my gosh, it is so nice to see this design pulled off so well! You look stunning, and the fit is great!

yunna.sama wow.....amazing

YueYing Very Beautiful.

xMitsukaii :O is co cute *-*

RoxyDirKaoru WOW! *_* *Speechless*

neoangelwink that is very hot ^_^

Starhealer Lovely Aluminum Siren.

MisatoNpenpen holy crap you look amazing! Moeeeeee~

Kudrel It turned out absolutely adorable! You look great. ^.^

vampirate I love the Aluminum Siren design so much! You pull it off very well!

Dante-san *O* awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

yosei-hime Ah! It's so amazingly perfect. ^^ I can't believe you say it was rushed.

smirnoff th best siren ive ever seen

xKasumix I'm so totally in love with your Aluminum Siren costume! I saw it in your Animexx Gallery and the first thing I thought was "WOW best I've ever seen!!" Such an adorable work on this, dear! And the costume suits you so well. ^^ *hug*

Selphie MBSE Most beautiful Sailor Alumina Sirne Ever! =3 I just love how the tail falls ^^

Jia Jem YOWZA. O_O

seawaterwitch OMG...Awesome.... ^___^

Kazeki Best Aluminium Siren ever!

Angelica oh wow! this is amazing you did a GREAT job I love it ^^

OMGwyn omg this is perfect! Ooooh I wanna finish my saturn cosplay so bad now! :O

celestial Ceres I LOVE it, I mean you look so damn HAWT!! Wonderful costume :)

FantasyNinja gorgeous!!!

Keichigo awww awesome! *__________*

Chibi Es ist sehr sehr geil geworden! und du hast die Figur dazu. Und die Beine!!!

cherryteagirl5 Amazing costume!! Very well constructed too!

Feena-chan woooww total beutifull and amazing *_*

etaru That's so impressive!

Psyposer AAAAHHH! Aluminum Siren *U* suits you really nice! the skirt and bracelets are pure love!!!

Chiko oh, you such a wonderful Siren *_______*

Ely Simply amazing, the details of the dress and the wig are great!