My Chidori costume, I really like it. *_*
Especially my self-made soft axe~ XD
Chidori is really cool, I like ehr style and red hair~ <333
I am really pleased with this costume. ^^

Persona 3
10 years ago

Katie-chan I love the style as well. The axe looks super fun and the whole costume really came out well.

chichichan Don't know the series, but you look awesome! *__*

Flowery OOOH! Chidori from P3! You look like such a doll (as she does, lol!) I love the bright red hair and axe, too -- probably the best parts of her costume (along with the sword through her head, lol! Could she be any more of a goff rori emo princess??)

Imari-chan So beautiful~ Very nice as always. :D

chibiplum you look fantastic!

KitsuneSqueak This is so beautiful it's not even funny. @[email protected] I love Chidori.

LiL KRN YUNA Wow...absolutely gorgeous ;~;!

Suaine Your Chidori costume ist great! *.* It gets me start thinking of borrowing Mirro's Mitsuru again. XD

negativedreamer everything looks soo cleanly made. excellent work!

YueYing Good Job.

WhiteLilly Chidori~ <3 That is really awesome. :) (Where in the world did you find the socks?! XD)

Rikachan I love she,i have, it in program also!

neoangelwink that is very pretty ^_^ and very coool

Kazeki Awesome Chidori!

Jac'Kee OMG I LOVE YOUR CHIDORI! Lovely details!

celestial Ceres So cute *__*

p.kloon Lovely costume!

Albel-Nox omg you look like her.

7th Heaven best ever *_*

Memakumo goooooorgeous !!!

erioru You are very amazing Chidori >___<""

akira fudo oh! kirei desu.

kowaipanda such an awesome Chidori! I wish you post more pictures of this costume!

Hinahase you look so stunning as Chidori!

Miah-san you look just like her ^^

Not a Shrimp OH MY GOD *___* chidori, so REAL! love it <3

Recowa You need Junpei now :3

Neizfer WOAAA nice the cotume fits you well!! CHIDORI SUGOI!!!

Gryphus You look fantastic! lovely costume.

Mayu_chan Your Chidori is so perfect ! \*__*/ Just like everything else you make! xD Persona is one of my fav games evah!I hope one day I can pull out a Metis as good as your Chidori. ^__^

fly_aguilera amazing!

Angelica you are amazing! great job!

Yuna_sun awwwwwwwww cute *.*

Second Aid Kit Too beautiful. *-* It's perfect.

PlasmaPrototype Aahh gorgeous ;c;!

Arabbella Wow, great Chidori!

captainjack AHHHHHH YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! You look just like her ; ; May I inquire where you obtained those tights?

MakuroShin it's a great cosplay!

Sheik Chan You're so pretty and this costume looks awesome!

Blue Sasarai wonderful work, love it! you look just like her. Did you have to make the stockings too? soo cool

KumaTsunami best Chidori I have seen^^

Zaira great !

+Vicky+ good job^^

+Vicky+ great job

Nessa-Chan such an acurate and amazing Chidori &hearts; love it!

navigated Oh I know you have so many comments on this image but its lovely! The attention to detail in all the diamonds, and the spikes around the ankles. Really I'm just in awe! Chidori's design is one of my favorites and its so great to see it recreated so well!

vampirechildv-v You look so awesome....!!