Yet again, very few photographers can make a very bland scene (a hotel hallway XD) look freakin EPIC.

One of my favorite two pictures of my Fai!!! *hearts*

This one especially, you can see the blasted gradient that I hand-dyed into the appliques (with a cotton ball XDDDD)

Fai D Fluorite
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
11 years ago

Kanira I keep reading Fai as "Fail" as I go through your gallery; but I agree your Fail is awesome xD I love your hair, and much kudos to the cottonballs that gave their fluffy lives for that gradient; absolutely stunning work!

Crystalike oh my GOD oh my GOD oh my GODDDDDD!!!! O_O <3

TybaltFlux Man, what an awesome costume! I'm surprised I didn't catch this at AWA, I would of snapped a trillion pics of this myself :D.

Juusan Holy snap that is beautiful!!The design is on there so perfectly!

sailorkagura07 You;re a gorgeous Fai!!! <3

neenjha oh. my. gosh. THIS IS AMAZING! :O!!

ardhri That is so incredibly kick-ass. Awesome job!

Tali C-COTTONBALLS? DDD= I really hope you have more photos of this amazing piece of work, I'm almost speachless. The coat, the staff? EVERYTHING IS GORGEOUS!

negativedreamer that is just WOW!

Seva Good job !

anablackcat Really nice costume! *___*

Nemo &amp; Gemo Your Fai is absolutely STUNNING!

phantomthief Thank youuuuuu all!! Kanira: XD They died a fluffy blue death

Miyabi- H-holy crap this is amazing. O_O fan-freaking-tastic job!! ^_^

Iaina Estrela UOW beautifull coat your cosplay is perfect

MakimachiMotoko The coat is SO AMAZING! AHHHHHH!!

Singe I love, love, love this combination of the different elements from different costumes. The eyepatch thing especially makes it, I think. Excellent work! ^.^

Reamy It's probably the best rendition of Fai I've EVER seen. No one can quite match your epicness. : O

Raven382 Oh.. My..God. O_O Your coat is amazing!!! Best Fai I have ever seen!!

Characterless oooooh gooooood...... TT_TT Wanna have this coaaat!!!!