don't mess with the sisters!

don't mess with the sisters!

I had trouble picking which photo to upload because I really love all the photos from this shoot! Maybe because I love Patty too much. XD
But I finally decided to pick one that shows my full costume instead. Thanks to Kiddo-kun (aka Cvy~) we two sisters have a chance to be in Gun form! hahaha! So I have gun!Liz to pose with. ♥

I love my Kiddo family (*3*) and Soul Eater team ! (*3*)

Photograph by Shuui! (*3*)

Patty Thompson
Patty Thompson
feel the resonance
10 years ago

B-Shira ^.^ Amazing shot!!! I love it!

Star_Angel Wonderful shot! Patty is a awesome character and you pull her off great!

DarkFury Patty is the best Soul Eater character! She is the reason I watch the show. GREAT cosplay!

ChocoLime That lil poofy pants absolutely looks adorable on you! Your Patty is so cute!!

banditYinG patty patty patty~ can i ___ at the boobies?

Kanasai* This afternoon you actually showed me a thumbnail! I wondered what was that! Now I got to this page MYSELF!!!! XDDDD Glad that you posted a Patty peekture! ME LOVES IT VERY MUCHIES! *gives sister love and beats blackstar off*

Hello Nozzy You are SO CUTE as Patty!

Kazeki Nice legs, Patty!*wolf whistles*

Cvy u posted w/o me knowing againnnn!!! i keel joooo!!! anyway.. awwwwoooooooo sexy bod *nosebleed. again.

CHiNG woo~ Min~ your Patty is the Breast~!!!! lol (Oop...i made a's actually the best) :P

MmonmanN You do Patty so well :D Me and a friend are planning to do the sisters too but I can't find affordable black puffy shorts anywhere >_>;