How Shall We Do This?

How Shall We Do This?

Miles as Wakka and myself as Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Photo taken by Lionel [lionboogy] at Otakon 2008. As always, I really enjoyed this "Lionel shoot" - The man's ability to turn the mundane [we were on a WHEELCHAIR RAMP] into the epic is absolutely uncanny.

Please no critiques/criticism. I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3

Wakka & Lulu
Final Fantasy X
11 years ago

Kanira Are compliments acceptable? ^^ The picture is great, of course, but you both look absolutely amazing; each of you fit the characters so well! Great job!

Albel-Nox WOW~ the pic is really epic! You two are such agreat couple and thew costumes are well made. Love it so much. ^^

Riikku Wow!! Amazing! Excelent job! =D

chris78 wow they are of beautiful cosplay especially that of Lulu

Alessa Well, whoever would criticize this must be stupid, after all you already stated that the costume weren't finished. I think both of you look awesome and I really like you as Lulu! :3

Rikku-chan you two are PERFECT!! hahaha You both capture the characters really well!! BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES!!!

Kayla Yea thats RIGHT You post this on here! This is only the single most epic Final Fantasy X photo ever in the history of ever!!

Relion You two are beyond epic, as are Lionel's photography skills! I can never get enough of your cosplay. :D

kowaipanda Perfect Wakka and Lulu! You guys are amazing!

Nefertieh You guys look awesome! I love your pose and your expressions, you look even better than the real Wakka and Lulu. xD

B-Shira Ah! Fantastic!

RoxyDirKaoru AWSOME Wakka and Lulu! *Love this pic* So cool! :D

benihime wow you hardly see any wakka's! you guys did an amazing job XD

seely uaaah *____* that's so great you two look awesome I'm in love with this shot <3

Crystalike fantastic !!!!!! I really think you have Lulu's facial features and the poses are excellent!

khislove12 ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL you make a great lulu i swear you look exactly like her lol great job and keep up the good work

PanicMoon brain just exploded because this pic was too awesome for it to handle.

Hynoxolus I love the angle! Great pic, it looks like you're ready to head into battle! :)

BeforeCrisis Both your costumes are amazing! This is really the perfect shot, too!

jounink ohhh man this pic is sooo bad ass XD

princemercury1 This is amazing shot. And the costumes are flawless. ^^ Good job you two.

Jaquii oh my lord, what an epic shot!!!! XD amazing jobs, both of you!

Raikynha_Pt Nice group ^^