walking down the yellow brick road..?

walking down the yellow brick road..?

Patty: why do people have to walk in a straight line?
Liz: .....Technically we don't have to walk in a straight line.
Patty: ... !!!! You're so smart nee-chwan! :3
Liz: .___.|||

It's sort of a first time for we two stick-like creature to do girls together! (In fact, it's very very rare for me to do female cosplays nowadays.) I had this fear that I would look like a transvestite (even though I'm a girl!?) But thank goodness I do look like one! XD I'm glad we all had fun at this shoot despite the extreme hot weather!

I love my Liz and my Kiddo-kun~~ And Shuui~~ And Ko~~

Liz Thompson, Patty Thompson
Patty Thompson
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11 years ago

banditYinG patty patty patty!

Lucifer Great work!

AkoRedfield Nice costume, great picture !

PrincessAyumi Amazing <3333333

CourtoonXIII So so SO CUTE! Best Liz and Patty I've seen!

ChocoLime which part of you looks like transvestite??? U two are very pretty Liz and Patty :D

Katie-chan You two look awasome. Very good Liz and patty.

Kazeki Trannies?!! Nonsense!! I vote for more girl cosplays from you!!

Kanasai* PATTTTTYYYYY *HUGS IMOUTO* Pretty cute awesome Patty-chan! One more time u say urself tranny i will make u insymmetrical!

celestial Ceres Awesome shot, you two look so cute ^.^

tamarpg I love you alllllllll

mirukuchabake to all --> thank you so much! :3 ying --> black star black star black star! kanasai* --> orh .__. yes nwee-chwan :3 tamarpg --> awwww we love you guys too!!

reiyu-v Both of you look so cute, love patty's blushing XD!

cynical_violet omg you're such an adorable patty!!!! <3333 *melts*

Crystalike dwah! so cute!!!! ^_^

Akira Reborn Wow. Well made and yet such a cute cosplay &#9829;

Cvy i didn't know u posted!! *SPANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

mirukuchabake everyone: thank you~~~ X3 Cvy: T____________T kiddo-kun spanked me~ T_________T (fetish you? LOL)

leahhime such a cool picture you both totally look the part!

Elsch lovely shot. ^^

CHiNG c'mon~ you did such a good job! you will never look like transvestite tho ;) btw, i like this pic it gimme a sence of sissy~

envyinwondrland so cute.. SO CUTE!! you two don't look like transexuals la *spanks*

rayna You two are adorable!

gust_james cool picture, you are cute Patty *>*, - PArabénsss otimo cosplay o/o/-

YoruAoimoto My god, su cuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee~