A Queen

A Queen
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Debut of Ismaire at T-Mode 2008. Pic by photoninja

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
10 years ago

NecroticNymph It's soooooo prettyyyyyyyy! I love your wig! And the headdress looks beautiful! Wonderful job! =D

BloodyRosebride I took your photo at T-mode this year. You're so pretty and nice.

kowaipanda You look beautiful~

Leradny *flail* More pictures. NOW! I have GOT to see the rest of this cosplay!

Lady Arieta OH wow, your quick on your costumes! xD That looks really great! :D

Luther I've only ever done Epraim's story so I've never met her... But this is gorgeous! I want to see a detail shot of that headdress! I can't wait to see the result of the next FE character you turn your attention to! :D

Arroyo I love how you chose a more natural shade of red for your wig. You make the costumes of FE characters I've always dreamed of dressing up as, and you do it very well. You're so skilled, and very beautiful!

kuromeru_chan so lovely!!!!

Shadow Valkyrie I always love your Fire Emblem costumes they come out so pretty!

Pika Pika Queen You make such a gorgeous Ismaire~ You wig and everything look fantastic!

~H~ You look so beautiful! I love the vibrant colors, and your wig is amazing *_*. Great costume!