my latent talent

my latent talent
@Jia Jem

I love cosplaying Rogue because we are so similar. For instance, we can both fly! How perfect is that?
I finally got some nice shots of this costume by Chicago-area photographer Tony Sharp.

10 years ago

Crystalike what the heck?! I want to fly too!

Satsukina Oh god. That's my favorite good-old Rogue outfit. You did so freaking great. <3

kowaipanda great costume and super cool photo!

Jasone WOW!!!!

Cubed_Link This costume is perfect! I am VERY impressed and the shot is so cool =)

Tazzy_ The thing about this photo, is that I don't want to know how you did it. There is fun in the mystery ~ Very unique shot, and fabulous cosplay, as always.

WindoftheStars Wow this is an amazing shot!! And holy crap you can fly? :D

Vani OH... MY.... this is a-freakin-MAZING!!!!!! *0* :swoon:

Avianna Were you jumping on a trampoline in heeled boots? Courageous Girl! But, for serious, Awesome Shot! You pull of Rogue so well! I'm jealous. P.S. Tony Sharp Rocks

MysteriousMaemi awesome shot!

bobbarker31 HOW ARE YOU FLOATING?!?!?!? Great Rogue BTW :p

ChocoLime WOW O_O

dismaldreary Everything about this is awesome. XD

Arkadia I love your rogue and this shot!

Choi You look really amazing in this pic.

Feena-chan wooow this is gorgous!!! *.* I love this shoot *.*

Captain Scarlet Amazing!! you are gorgeous and its a beautiful pic

Angel of Cruxis Win! You look fantastic :)

SailorGaia Dude, you're effin' flying!? @[email protected] Best.....Rogue...ever.

Harl Hooray for Jia!

cnhayes great costume!

Ichi-ni Wow totally amazing, you're the best rogue i've ever seen!

lunaishtar WOW!!! How did you... never mind it's just gorgeous !

Perzephone Now that is a fun pic ^_^ I can't figure if you were jumping on a trampoline hehe or the backround was just photoshoped. All in all I love this pic ^_^ I want to fly too!

Lady Tyrona Gorgeous and SO Rogue! The costume looks so detailed and well, perfect, great job!

Tazzy_ I'm commenting on this again because its: a.) fabulous b.) featured! hellz ya!

Patastrophic See, I knew all along you could fly. I bet you can also steal other people's super powers, and that's cool. Plus you did a fantastic job, but that's no surprise.

JanKenPon FLY MY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Jaquii Now, I would suggest photoshop, but something tells me you're actually flying...

B-Shira *O* Oh! Rouge is my X-men favorite! Amazing job!!! *///*

Jia Jem wow, thanks, everyone! I will be writing a flying tutorial soon. :D

SvK I can deal with you being way prettier and more talented and more popular than me, but flying? That's just cruel.

Haven Awesome! I want to fly too! *jumps off the sofa and falls on the floor* T_T Love your cosplay! Sugoi!


Choi I dont know how you made this but its AWESOME !! Your hair looks so quiet.

NytenGale lol!! epic! -_n teach me how to fly?

mokulen22 you're awesome

princemercury1 Amazing costume ^^ I want to fly too. !_!

Michiyuki absoluty amazing! great cosplay!

mirukuchabake omg this is so epic!!! instant fave!++

Cilo wow.. It really looks like your flying. I love the caption! XD

RobotPenguin EPIC!!! i LOVE your Rogue costume

The Kraken OUTSTANDING! You should enter this in the Marvel costume contest if they have one this year. Though you will undoubtedly lose out to ridiculous entries that don't even look good by Halloween costume standards (except for a few).

lunaladyoflight AMAZING SHOT I love you!!!

XxStryfexX Great pic xD

Ladywolframpant "for example, we can both fly" HAHAHAHAHA amazing job on the costume. best i have seen :)

Romann This is amazing! Great costume and photo!

pas_drôle This is the bare sweetness! Respect in both, costume and photographing.

xfallenangelx Awesome pic and awesome cosplay!! ~Anji

Pellegri This is simply awesome~ Love it and your costume :3