Kakashi SnJ (Sexy no Jutsu) ANBU

Kakashi SnJ (Sexy no Jutsu) ANBU

Eh... Just a flimsy attempt at cosplaying as Kakashi's sexy no jutsu in ANBU form. Nothing special. First cosplay ever. XP

Kakashi Sexy no Jutsu
12 years ago

Sora_The_Demon I Like It ^-^ Thanks For The Photo Comment! ~Sora

Tyna How creative, I like it :)

amaterasumikami Sooo Cutee =3

Selphie nice ^^ I really like your wig ^^

Alwayzbored Thanks for the comments! ^-^ I really appreciate them.

Nguyet I really like your wig! ^__^

Elsch looks great. ^^

missx3freya how cool! (: good work! <3 Freya

neoangelwink so very cute ^_^

agony_x goodd workk very pretty cosplay :D

chenmeicai Doesn't really look like trial! Looks great. :) Keep it up.

Selphie looks cool ^^

SanctusIX I love the wig!!!! *w*

Angeal so very cute you did a very nice job

nerd8608 OH WOW!!!!!! Awesome cosplaying XD.....I think i'm in love :P

sakuralovekairi thank you for the coment! ^^ you look very cute! ^^ good job n.n I really like your wig!!

Gier Pretty (: I love your scarf!

*Mia* I love the scarf!!! It adds a nice feminine touch to your cosplay ^^

AdamBomb7 nice!