Hee-Hee SO HAPPY!!

We've been working on our Alice: Madness Returns cosplays for months now, and we finally got to wear them all together at Anime Matsuri this past weekend! This is just the cell phone pics my twin got before we left the hotel room, and we had many many more characters with us in the group! There'll definitely be more photos soon! I'm so happy with how everything turned out, even though there are some things I need to fix and remake on my Queen costume. I'm especially happy with Carpenter's wig, as he's my favorite character in the game and I really wanted to make sure I did his great hairstyle justice!!

Alice is worn and made by my twin, Hopie
The Queen was made and worn by myself (with help on the collar from Pancake Mix)
Carpenter was worn by my brother Brandon and made by myself and Score (I on the wig, Score on most of the clothes and the hammer)