The actual photo included my brother as Setsuna from Last Blade and Brenton as the perverted doctor from Guu...but i cut them out....sorry guys!

Baiken - Guilty Gear
14 years ago

ayanamilisa baiken is really cool

R1KKu OOh red. I love this one. Is that an actual outfit from the game?

Malicious yes it is......but baiken's skin color was really dark....i didn't feel like tanning...

Akai_Yuki you make a great baiken! The wig is really good ^^ I totally understand about the tan XD

Tonomura Bix Oh wow, your costume is awesome! ^^ Word to a fellow Baiken cosplayah. XD Hehe, and I don't blame ya for not tanning, tho your skin looks pretty tan anyway. ^^ I've had to use that self tanner a couple times for cosplay. I hate it! XP

Chibi Kyo WOOOOOOOOW thats soo cool you look grate ^_________________^

kiniru_no_usagi WOW that's an awesome costume! I really love the color. Great job! ^^

LordofWickd4est Nice red Baiken cosplay. It's cool to see the alt colors done.

kawada_shougo5 That's great! Love the costume!

Omega Corn You've unsheathed your sword because your fighter's instinct tells you someone is about to grab your right shoulder. I like.

Rika Nakamura Ooh it looks really good.