Come with me to Lodoss

Come with me to Lodoss

Once again, I put on the body make-up, heels and elf ears and braved into the cold San Francisco weather for a wonderful photo shoot. Back in March when DayDreamerNessa and I made these costumes we wanted to do a shoot over at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF, Cali. The structures there are breath taking and seemed perfect for Lodoss-y stuff. Unfortunately, the main building was closed and gated off for renovations. So we had to make do with the other pillars in the area. ;___;

Photos by Honnou / Kasou @

Record of Lodoss War
Pirotess - Record of Lodoss Wars
10 years ago

xKasumix So pretty. I love this shot of your Pirotess. It's so elegant. ^^

Jasone You always beautiful.

Shina great pirotess! *.*

Hikaru-Jan Gorgeous!!

kyandi-chan Looks fantastic! The detailing on the silvery bits makes me very happy :D

aka_neko-chan very pretty!

VampiricMosaic OMG, Goddess Pirotess! I love it, you look so elegant. Great job! ^.^

anablackcat Pretty *O*

Kaoru27Umi gorgeous! (^_^)

Sakura-chan04 you look soo pretty

cherryteagirl5 you're soo pretty! ^^

etaru Rawr sexy lady!!