The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Lovely photo taken by Nat!

I have to bind better when I wear this next time...oh well...Wolfram is basically a woman anyway. XD

Wolfram, Yuuri
Kyo Kara Maoh!
~ The Moody Noble ~
11 years ago

ForestOwlMei *fangirls* *___* Perfect!!! Yay for Yuri and Wolfram love!

shattered_song nice costumes!!

XMoonLilyX Yay thanks, you two! You're very sweet! ^_^

setsuna_cutey Hahaha, yes, well, Wolfram is an uke par excellence, so you can get away with this a bit. XD Love the outfit and your wig looks great too! Good job!!! ^__^

edenmon awwww you two look SO cute together!

Missytetra You have to bind well, I have to bind well too!! ... we do look cute O__O I wish my hair had stayed straight though >__< You're a perfect Wolfram! The costume is so good and I'm honoured to have seen it in real life ^^ <3

XMoonLilyX Waaa you're such a sweetie pie. Seriously the best Yuuri ever! ^_^ I'm honoured to have the chance to touch your sword...*Ahem* :P

sohmamomo81 omg I love you both for pulling off this cosplay so well even if minor stuff like binding and hair weren't perfect. you two look how sharp was his...sword?