Expressions of Royalty

Expressions of Royalty

I finally debuted Zelda at Otakon, and though I only got to wear it for three hours, it was really fun. :3 Due to sheer luck, I ran into a great photographer (l.jinto) who was able to take some really nice head shots despite my terrible zombie syndrome (aka no-sleep-at-cons-syndrome). I'm going to be doing a fancy shoot with my best friend sometime in the near future, so hopefully I will have some full body shots in a few weeks! :3

Just some side notes about construction: the armor was made with paper mache and paper clay, the gloves are fully embroidered and hand beaded (the hylian writing on the bodice is hand beaded too), the tiara is made out of sculpy, and the hair extention side burns are made out of huge freaking pain in the assishness.

The nightmare that is this costume is finally over!!!! XD I'm so happy, no more beading!!! Well, sort of...

Costume by me
photo by L.jinto

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
10 years ago

PikminLink i saw you from across the street on my way to the masquerade, but i wish i could have seen this up close, it really is amazing!

Forcebewitya wow that looks great your hard work paid off! You finally did it!

Tessceres the costume looks amazing! Great work :D

Ladywolframpant whoa, awesome zelda!

Zorb WOW! you make a beautiful Zelda! Awesome costume!

The-Real-Link Thanks for letting me find you for a few minutes in person. This was epic beyond words when you really notice all the tiny details you put into it. Amazing :)

Perzephone WOW is all I have to say and great work!

Deki You make a really awesome Zelda :D I wish I could have a Zelda like u to be my partner when I cosplay Link! :3 (It's still in progress, I'll take months on the chainmail) anyway, Congratulations!!!


Rynn Finally the epic costume makes its debut! You look so beautiful!!

WindoftheStars Your Zelda is beautiful! I love the way you made it. :D

TheLadySummoner So perfect! :D And I know what you mean about finishing it! I hope mine is as good as yours when I finally finish it. I have to redo soooo many things.

~LaDy_LoCkHeArT deng, this is amazing!

etaru The hard work you put into it definitely shows <3

Lady Mana Wow wow wow!! All that hard work really has paid off because you look fantastic! :D You are my favourite Zelda out all we need is more pictures!

FrozenNight Amazing Zelda! *_* The details are gorgeous.

Miri You're such a lovely Zelda!

Zoroko UGHfsdfk~! Best Zelda hair -ever- and I'm pretty much just a big fan of everything you did on this cosplay~ *__*

Jaquii Lady Mana~ Awww, you are too kind. You are my favorite Elena of all time!!! One day I'll come to the UK and we will make hot Grandia cosplay love all over the British con scene! XD Zoroko~ I was so happy to meet you too, but very sad that it wasn't in your awesome Zora-Link costume. ;_; That's what Ohayocon is for though, right? :3

greenkittie the beading rocks, such a pretty way to do the patterns!

Zoroko OMG your going to OHAYOCON?

Fluffydragon84 Your detail work is very lovely : ) really makes the outfit pop : )

NiGHTmaren Yay, it's done! It looks amazing, I love the wig and how full the front pieces are. You did an awesome job on everything, I want to see a full-length shot!

XMoonLilyX This is stunning. You make such a cute Zelda!

Jia Jem WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh my goodness, Jackie! It looks AMAZING! Totally worth the wait. XD

Lady Tyrona You are a beading goddess and you deserve all the credit the world can give you, cause this looks stunning. I adore your bodice, the fabric and the fit is perfect.

meench Holy ****, you look just like her.... omg, this is an amazing costume, great job!

Jaquii Lady Tyrona~ Thank you! I really like your Zelda costumes a lot! I used a really pretty purple taffeta for the bodice; it looks like its under-layered in gold in some lights! :D And I appreciated that comment on the Zelda forum. XD

Relion You make such a beautiful Zelda, the work REALLY paid off!

kyandi-chan Such incredible detailing! I've been waiting to see the complete for some time and you really nailed it in details. Everything looks so lovely :D

Tranquility Beautiful! The beading and great :) I want to see the whole thing. Hehe.

LaPetiteSalope <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil I saw you at Otakon but was too intimidated to get a piccie! You did look a lil angry too, that makes sense that you mention lack of sleep! I hope you wear this to more cons :]

Gaara-Sephiroth Oh wow! That is awesome! XD I'm planning to make TP Zelda too! I hope it'll be as awesome as yours is!

Chibik3r0 Oooh that looks great! All of the details look fantastic!

Hiyoko-chan your hard work definitely paid off!! XD it looks absolutley stunning! the hair is just gorgeous! :D

Quantum9 So. Incredibly. EPIC.

lostchildmiroku you make zelda look like a i love the way you cosplay.

InkyLink You finished it! and it's absolutely amazing! Did I hear someone say OhayoCon!? Because I'm totally going! Hope to see you there. ^_^ -InkyLink

sephygoth you've absolutly made the best zelda I've seen...every portion in the pic is perfect, imagine if you posted more of these! keep it up^^

HimeZelda Amazing Zelda cosplay! I know what it is like to be sleepy like that before a convention. XD

shadowlink O.o o.O i love your zelda cosplay amazing work ^_^

Soratarataa woooow! you look amazing!!! nice work!!!!

EndlessNights You´re such a beautiful princess *____*

Tifakiki7 I know you've heard this a million times, but seriously, that is simply amazing. I can't wait to see the new shoot you are going to do. Freaking awesome.

neoangelwink wow ^_^ so pretty

Jessicaraujo WOW! you is Very beautiful Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StarWolf064 My god, the detail, the quality... are you for realz? o.O

seawaterwitch OMG....Awesome ^___^

PrinzessinZelda Thanks for your comment. I love your cosplay, yours is better than mine n_n