Seifer Almasy - The Remake

Seifer Almasy - The Remake

This is a digital "preview" of my boyfriend Tenshi Musouka's Seifer cosplay ^_^. It's a gift for you, Tenshi! Hope you like it :)

Later on this year, I and him will be going as Quistis and Seifer, and this is how his new updated version of his cosplay will look.

The additions will include a spiffily accurate Hyperion gunblade he bought from dreamkydd and a more accurate jacket collar. I also took the liberty of making the jacket less volumous and removing the silver studs on his gloves. Everything was done with Photoshop ^_^. I also used another very "Seifer-ish" picture of him for the background :) The editing took about 3-4 hours. Though I can say this, the sexiness is all natural X3.

To view the original picture, go here!
Tenshi on
Enjoy minna~! ^_^

Seifer Almasy
14 years ago

Chosuke I love how you did the collar!

Hyena The coolest Seifer pic I've seen. That background photo of him is so wicked, haha. \m/ He bears a resemblance to the actor Nick Stahl (T3)

Anele Nice Seifer. ^_^

bright_Zanya awesome!! ^ ^

Tenshi Musouka Wow!!! Awww... Jess thank you so much! That looks so cool!!! *hugs you* :D :D :D *Favorites it instantly*

Tenshi Musouka Tadaa!!! Avatar update ^_^ Thanks again Kaliko *heart*

Demri That looks really, really awesome! You have such Photoshop skills! I'm sure you two will make an adorable Quisty & Seifer couple! ^_^

RuthlessJS really awesome CG :) You look like you just popped out of the game :)

ayanamilisa HOTT!! sorry i feel like a perv now! kick ass costume

lionho Looks pretty damn sweet. I will be watching for more updates :)

Quita Whoa. I like. I like it a lot.^^ [Oh, and in respose to your question about Quistis's Save the Queen weapon, I have a picture of it in my "Proptitude" folder of photos.] Keep up yer mad skillz! ^_^

Shinobi Seifer thinks he sooooo hot. Yah stuck up bastid! XD

Miki-san whow, such a cool seifer, and you did such a cool job on edditing the photo like this!

Shinobi If I was a lil gay dude, I'd totally glomp him!

ChocoLime Awesome seifer cosplay!