Link and Dark Link
The Legend of Zelda
Link and Dark Link
12 years ago

AnimatedPoison nice shot ^^

Avocado.Funk Haha, I almost didn't see Dark Link. Sneaky bastard.

Chiefy Hehe awesome shot!

kowaipanda I didn't notice dark Link too! Excellent photo!

amaterasumikami Nice *o* Great costumes *--*

rosabella Waaaaaaaaay too epic!

NintyGirl sneeekay

LinkInSpirit Thanks everybody! ^_^

Rikku-chan there is an epic overload in this photo!! haha fantastttic!! ^^

Dante-chan awesome story telling action XD

Haven That's amazing! The glowing look in the background reminds me of Twilight Princess. ^-^ Wonderful cosplays and photo! Sugoi!

Nency *_________* wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aer Arcanum I'm in LOVE with this photo. It looks like it could have been taken from a cutscene. It took me a few seconds to see Dark Link and when I did I freaked. Awesome job. There's just something about that cold glinting blade hidden in the shadows and wandering Link totally unawares... This photo has a story to it. Excellent.

LinkInSpirit Thanks so much!

BlitzFox Amazing shot, you both look incredible!! :D

xfullmetalotaku This is aesome, nice picture. I love the cosplays, and it's such a great shot! You should add more pictures! :D

maple_Jun Great idea =)

Fey Little known fact: Dark Link is actually a ninja. True story. This is a fantastic photo.

Little_Marin Beautiful!

princemercury1 Amazing *__* The costumes are awesome and the photo is priceless!!

Crimson_Aether OO nice.