Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Wearing Faye at A-Kon resulted in two incredible "cosplay experiences" for me: First was the chance to meet Jet Texas [who, if you are not aware, is ONLY the most amazing Jet cosplayer in the universe and also an absolute gentleman and scholar ^__^] and "promenade" with him for an hour or so in our formal Bebop attire. The second was this photoshoot with Brian, who somehow managed to make me NOT feel like an ugly duckling in this costume. This entire set of photos was gorgeous and perfectly swank, and I'm so happy I remembered to bring my Ace of Spades card this time around. XD Yay for obscure Cowboy Bebop references. Thanks again, Jet and Brian, for making my opera-going experience at A-Kon particularly enjoyable!

Photo by Brian [Kuragiman]

Faye Valentine [opera attire]
Cowboy Bebop
Faye Valentine
11 years ago

Albel-Nox what no comment?? you have her face expression ^___^ it suits you so much.

Choi Amazing picture, nice job.

bobbarker31 I love the opera dress on Faye!! :D

sakuralyuy I totally love this costume of yours. And the picture is just posh :)

FoxyKitsune How could you EVER feel or look like an ugly duckling? You (and this costume) are gorgeous. Faye isn't an easy character to pull off, and you do her justice.

Static-sidhe Wow, what a gorgeous shot - you look beautiful!