Princess Zelda is just hanging from a church window for no particular reason... She claims she isn't there to meet a specific hero on the rooftop - certainly not!

This is a photo of my Zelda costume, (Twilight Princess design with Super Smash Bros. Brawl color scheme) taken at Portcon Maine 2008 by the fabulous Damon Loucks.

Princess Zelda
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Princess Zelda
11 years ago

Lucifer Great work!

GingerAnne who's that sexy lady. ;) :wink wink: hehe

Michela Thank you! :D Gingie: As said by a truly dashing gentleman. ^_^

chisainekocat Incredibly beautiful. The details are lovely!

Pan-Chan Gorgeous! You've done a great job on the costume!

*Shiva* Oh, that is such a gorgeous photo hun!

AnimatedPoison Beautiful! :) It's a great pose for showing off the details at the bottom of the dress too.

HanyouKitty Besides the fact that this is an awesome photo, I have to say your facial expression is like looking at a model in a magazine! It's stunning! It's amazing how something so simple as slightly squinting eyes can make a photo that more original, creative and beautiful! It really adds to the character :). Nice Job!

SailorGaia Who can helped but be stunned by your representation of Zelda? I heart it! ^_^

Michela Thank you guys! *_* HanyouKitty: *hug* That's really sweet! I remember giving the "I VANT to be ALONE" face to Damon's camera several times during that photoshoot. XD

Zoroko This is a very awesome shot of your costume!~

Traci-girl Wow, you are one of the best Zeldas I've seen. That's one to be proud of! ^^

LadyCerbero beautiful Zelda ^.^

TheLadySummoner Beautiful photo! It's nice to see someone make this version of Zelda. I just love all the alternate outfits Zelda has in Brawl, especially this one!