Wisp in Seafoam Green 4

Wisp in Seafoam Green 4

Outdoors, while the sun was out (it was partially cloudy).

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Wigs and things
10 years ago

Anza it's almost impossible to get this color to photograph right!

otakuluver24 Hi, I was just wondering about the wig, I want to do Eureka from Eureka 7 and I need a "minty colored" wig. I was considering the CosWorx Seafoam green wig but wasn't sure if it would turn out the right color. Any ways, what I really ment to ask was, if I get the seafoam wig, will it be the same color as your wig? Or does it just look like that depending on the lighting? Thank you very much and sorry for bothering you with this question:( ~Otakuluver24~

otakuluver24 Thanks a bunch for the feedbackXD That helped a lot!!! I think I might put buying this wig into consideration. From looking at your photos, I have a strong sense that it will work out for my Eureka cosplay! Thanks again and I hope to have pics of my cosplay up sometime in the near future;D ~Otakuluver24~