VICTORY. Except not.

ANext was unfortunately a bit like "A-Kon Pt. 2" for Lulu, since I never quite found the time to finish/fix all of my issues with the costume [BELTS BELTS BELTS]. I adore Lulu and I really appreciate the reactions that Miles [my Wakka] and I get at conventions, but lordy lou, she's a beast to wear! Many thanks to Ollie for being so patient with me; every step I took, I had to fix my necklaces, fur, train, & belts. Note to self: Must make this thing more manageable to wear around before Otakon!

Lulu: Tess

Photo by Ollie []

Final Fantasy X
11 years ago

PinkApple Aww, you are a beautiful Lulu! I really love the fur~

benihime wow you make an AMAZING lulu!

mlarad you look wonderful as Lulu, you did an amazing work with all the belts!

neoangelwink hug ^_^

negativedreamer you are lulu, and the costume looks very well made!

~YRP_Paine~ You make an amazing Lulu, shes awesome ^__^

Rikku-chan STUNNING Lulu!! your costume is GORGEOUS even if it's not fully finished!! ^^

Shii Arisugawa Wow, you look gorgeous and your costume looks amazing!

Random Karen I can't wait to see this at Otakon!!!

Kuragiman I will forever regret not getting to shoot Miles and you in your Final Fantasy gear... T_T You make a gorgeous Lulu.

etaru BEE EE AY UTIFUL! This is seriously one piece of work you have going! :3

Crystalike gorgeous work! You have her expression and wig spot on!

Blood_Lust_Ange vair vair pretty i love the details i would NEVER be able to make something like this

celestial Ceres Wooow, you're such an awesome Lulu *______*

Asuma'sFire Your sexiness prevails my wildest imagination XD I love your LuLu costume, and great choice on your fabrics.

kowaipanda victory it is!!! You look stunning as Lulu! <3

Albel-Nox as i always say i love you in this dress *speechless*

GabrielDarkhawk Belated comment, but that's just gorgeous! :)

Shadow7 This is one of the most gorgeous cosplays I've ever seen :O Beautiful!

skinnyAZN Beautifully done!

shadowcatcher ^-^ this costume is amazin you make a great Lulu!!

Inu Kruger nice

green_with_Envy You are probably the most perfect Lulu copslayer ever.... just sayin'....

Yuna_sun most beautiful lulu i ever see!!!