Photo by Jason Nishi.

The Legend of Zelda
12 years ago

banditYinG OMG!

Lyurilei simply amazing

lunaladyoflight CUTE midna :)

O'Faolain Wow, of all the Midna's I've seen yours is my favorite by far. What is your outfit made of? It really looks like skin!

Aleze The bodysuit is made of spandex with a shiny coating, painted with craft paints.

Tenshi Musouka So perfectly midna. The pose and headpiece are perfect, but you managed to pull off midna's body shape too! It really completes the look

dandlit GREAT GREAT JOB *____*

Hiyoko-chan WOW! you make an amazing Midna! i love how well you captured her personality! XD

LadyCerbero Fantastic pose^^ great costume!!!

Nainibo AMAZING. Wow.

Enstektstruts its so awesome that you have done the outfit all by your self! im going to cosplay midna, but its gonna take some time to do the outfit :P

Razpop I saw this picture somewhere else and thought this was the most amazing Midna ever! HUGE kudos to you. :)

happygoldfish As others have said, I also saw this picture on other sites/places and thought you were a professional model paid to appear as Midna for Nintendo. I am absolutely floored by how awesome this costume looks and by the fact that it was relatively inexpensive. So all I can say is holy crap, well done! ^.^

CaptainBlue50 Wasn't That Too Tight On Your Area, Aleze?

CaptainBlue50 Could you send that bodysuit to 928, 20th St. Rock Island, IL?