The epic 8 and a half minute pose

The epic 8 and a half minute pose

Yes, we did keep this pose for 8 and a half minutes. My legs were very angry at me the following day ;_;

I don't know why, but people swarmed us the moment we started doing fighting poses. Seriously, it was almost scary.

Laura's still bragging about it though to whoever will listen haha!

Krad: Laura
Dark: me

Dark Mousy and Krad
Dark Mousy
Dark version 1
10 years ago

yokonami geeze, 8 minutes! thats a long time! it looks really good though, and i absolutely love the wings ^^

darkness_89 rilly epic pic live it and I reemember takeing a pic of this wen I was there.^_^

darkness_89 love not live my bad lolXD

darkness_89 and ow so you wer Dark not Krad sorry abawt that but still I loved bothe your cosplays thay wer great its always nice to see AN Angel cosplayers.^_^

darkness_89 DN Angel *