To Zanarkand.

To Zanarkand.

I couldn't NOT take this shot. He had a spectacular costume, he was tan, and he wasn't much taller than me so he could actually DO the pose without getting uncomfortable!

I couldn't see if anyone else came to take pictures, for obvious reasons, but the only thing I can find to nitpick about is my bangs. They congealed into the rest of my hair again. D: My skin is also a little bit red for some reason.

My skirt and obi are PWN-TASTIC, though. My skirt is WAY better now that I've fixed the design, and my hibiscus is glued onto my obi so it won't ever fall down again.

But feel free to lavish compliments yourselves! XDDDDDDD

Tidus, Yuna
Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2008
12 years ago

Endang omg I love this shot. *_* Just like the ending scene... Your costume are both awesome, too! (At least from what I can see of Tidus.)

Sharysa Thanks! And he was a really nice Tidus. :D We didn't know how many people were taking pictures, so we held the pose for a few minutes just to make sure.

Kazephyr This photo is so beautiful and sad! Your expressions and costumes are lovely, as well. ^^

kittykyo_chan Aww, so cute, how tall was he?...the picture looks fine really.

Sharysa He was about a head taller than me. I'm SUPER short (5'0 without my boots, 5'2-ish with them) so finding a Tidus who wasn't head and shoulders taller than me was hard. Also, I never said the picture DIDN'T look all right--I was just being perfectionist. It's perfectly normal for me. :D

Tsubasaglz so cute!!!