Beach Rydia

Beach Rydia

I picked a really cute bikini for the upcoming summer and brought it along with me to the Fort Desoto shoot - also figured it might look neat with my Rydia wig and accessories. Photo courtesy of Maboroshi - thanks to him I got some gorgeous evening shots on the beach.

Rydia - Beach Concept
Bikini 2008 (Rydia)
10 years ago

ShinobuWind Wow..this looks gorgeous! The bikini does fit well with the wig and accessories, and you look really pretty! (P.S that bikini is cute ^.^)

negativedreamer great pic! everything worked so well together

Korinchan So pretty!

Geister Awesome!

Jaquii this is a great shot! and your figure is amazing!!!

RoxyDirKaoru Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You are so pretty! ^_^

Fire Lily This is so pretty! That bikini is awesome ^.^

PinkApple awww adorable!! n_n

Henkersbraut oh wow, that's sooo sexy!

Dante-san *O* great!!!