in your back alley, vandalising your walls

in your back alley, vandalising your walls

asterisk* group project!

We ended up looking like one of the workers working in the area with our painted jumpers. Love love love this image! I'm so glad asterisk* decided to do this project together :D And Shuui's an amazing photographer of course.

Photographer: Shuui

Ryohei: Skyes
Tsuna: Bandit Ying
Hibari: Cvy
Yamamoto: Kanasai*
Mukuro : me .___.

Hibari, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Tsuna, Mukuro
Long Live Vongola!
11 years ago

amaegari suteki~ Super Suteki EXTREME <--- has no idea what she is typing

banditYinG lol!

Kazeki oh yes more pictures please! Asterisk's cosplay always makes me happy 8D

Shan Reborn is love! So is asterisk*. Both combine is power!!!! *hearts hearts hearts*

Cvy i'm pregnant!! ,_,

mirukuchabake everyone: thank you! cvy: stop it! hibari's not pregnant hahahah!

Kanasai* The shoot was fun, I think it has also got to do with everyone wearing the same thing altogether =D WHYDIDYOUCHOOSEAPICTUREOFYOURFACESODARKANDCANNOTSEE.

envyinwondrland lol i saw you guys that day~ =x

Shuui *BAWLS X 2*

kaika I';m really loving the colours and your location!