brotherhood detail

brotherhood detail
@Jia Jem

I was limited by the size of plastic, because any piece over 4' had to be shipped freight which is VERY expensive. The sword is 5' long exactly. The blade is 2 pieces of bowed clear Acrilyte (I used a heat gun to bend it) that is epoxy-ed on the edges. It is airbrushed, but still translucent so you can see right through it! The head is made out of my favorite materials: cardboard, foam, and PaperClay. Haha! I'm so low-tech. The head is an interpretation... it's not exact, because I'm just not that talented... and this was the first detailed sculpture-thingie I've ever made. I wish it could have been better. Come to think of it, this is the first sword I've ever made. There are many mistakes, but I learned a lot making them!

Warrior Yuna
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Yuna [Warrior]
14 years ago

pyo-chan Excellent job.

AngelSamui just AMAZING!!!

RikkuX wow....thats just so cool...i'm in awe

FFfreak003 snap monkies *_* I want it lol

Ayaka It was really cool half-finished, it's freaking awesome done. @[email protected]

AllStarAlice Holy crap! Dude that's so better than mine and probably a lot more durable too, lol. Mine is so fragile &gt;.< I wish I could've made mine 5', but I had to make it 4' for Acen's policy &gt;.&gt;

Rameana could have done better, what, that is so amazing I can't even think of what better could be. Hats off to you. you did an out of this world job. ^_^

Little Star HOLY CRAP Julia! O.O That friggan RAWKS!!! Not that talented my Arse!!

ZoraLink holly [email protected]#$ing s#$%!!! lol it rocks my socks

Yui rock on, you can now join the exclusive club of cardboard/foam/paperclay swordmakers of the world. ^o^ (I should show you the ways of hotglue sculpting someday!) Anyway, that is stunning. The paint job is lovely and I dig the little water-droplet-looking bubble-crystals.

PockyLoveAndJoy Wow i like all your pics ^_^! hey i would pay for the freight shipment if it would help! ^_-! Ummm well uhh hope to see you at some con i will be attending! ^_^!

Keiji That is just incredible!!

Shiree-chan wow-zers ! That was the first word that came to mu mind. That is umm...anyway words that mean super-duper awesome! :D

AnimefestChii *is in total awe*


Rikku-chan this is the BEST BROTHERHOOD SWORD I have EVER SEEN!!! *SHOCK* are you SURE you haven't made a sword before!??!!!! WOW!!

daguru Didn't quite see it at Youma, but now I can see how the blade was formed. Nice job on that and the head!

AngieRikku "I wish it could have been better." Yeah, right! This is your first sword?! You are simply AMAZING. I'm going to nickname you the prop goddess!!! ^_^ <3 Brotherhood <3

Vani You can bend acrilyte with a heat gun?!?!?!! *o* Oh goodness, that just opened up a can of worms for me! haha This is a beautiful prop! Beautiful beautiful!! XD

Chise*chan omg O_O!!! is very beautiful, amazing *--*