I looooove this location so much. n_n

Photo by mah Mama. xD

Thief Rikku
Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku (Thief)
10 years ago

Broken Zebra Awesome shot.

Rikku-chan absolutely STUNNING photo!! Your RIkuk is so cute!!

EndlessNights *__* Aww, this is a wonderful picture. The background is wonderful and your cosplay, too!

FrozenNight Beautiful picture and you make a cute Rikku. ^_^

Katsumiyo Oooh, love this photo! What a great setting for a costume. :D And a cute costume, at that~ Thanks so much for the comment, too! <3

~Sano~ *o* wow, that's a beautiful background. Careful not to slip :3

Rikkitz This shot is so beautiful! Great work on the costume too :D

Noku Ji That's a real place? Unphotoshopped? That is magnificent! Absolutely beautiful, and it fits with your perfect Rikku cosplay and scene. *thumbs up*

Terumi Cute! I agree, this is a great location! Looks like a realistic game scene. :3 <3 And yes, I was at AZ!

Majo That's one awesome photo. Lovely surroundings.O: Aaand you make such a cute Rikku. : D And thank you for all of your comment on my page. They make me all happy inside. :'D

skinnyAZN so cool ;3;

Nguyet Beautiful background. It looks like it could be a scene from the game ^___^

Alessa This looks amazing! Where did you take those pictures? You could almost say it is the moonflow :)

Kanina Let me guess... Kilika Woods? XD Love it. -totally like.. a year after you post the pic.-