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Wooo Friday the 13th! :D

Sorry to spam the galleries with another Penelo pic, but I totally love this one from Godly. I really like the artistic aspect of it overall.

Pic by Godly

Final Fantasy XII
11 years ago

NiGHTmaren Nice shot, you can really see the detail here as well! It's a complex design but you managed to pull it off.

XMoonLilyX Feel free to spam! Lol! XD This is beautiful! *_*

LaurenBANG This is absolutly gorgeous, you did a wonderful job on the deatail, this is one of my dream costumes and seeing this really makes me want to make it :)

BiZ Oh~You look so cute. x3

Luo I'm so glad you finished this costume, it really looks amazing! *_*

etaru Hawt leatherwork is hawt!

Ashe Grarg the detailing on the leg is love.

Korinchan Your Penelo makes me *so* happy! The details are amazing! And the colors are so vibrant.

BoredHorror The detail on this costume is so amazing *_* great job!!

Hanami wow the details er so amazing *______*

B-Shira Penelooo! kyyyyaaaaaaaa kawaii!!!

`Difficile this. is. so. amazing. Best penelo ever, hands down.

miamiasma Very nice. You make an adorable Penelo. ^^