Raid my tomb.....

Raid my tomb.....
@Lady Tyrona

...and I will tell the huge boulder to come haunt you.
Classic Lara is finally finished! Took me awhile to get the fabrics and patterns that I wanted. I couldn't afford real leather so the belt and holsters are made out of alot of single sturdy vinyl layers covered in nappa leather. The holsters are made of card board reinforced with resin. The belt is a piece of wood that I fiberglassed, painted and weathered.
The back pack is hand made too.....I know what you're thinking: "but dear, that's leather, you couldn't afford it?" Thank god I found it in a sales bin for less than 5$! But it's really soft leather so I had to reinforce that too with card board.

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11 years ago

Choi Sounds like that was a lot of work...

LadyCerbero AMAZING!!!*0*

Michela It is wonderful that you hand made the pieces to this costume, no matter how easily you could have found them at a store. That makes the clothing truly yours. :D Fabulous work!

Fei-Hung Awesome hair. It's so vibrant. It's a lovely costume and picture aswell.

chibiplum Amazing!

Hofuzz Everything looks so perfect and proper, really like the colors in this photo too!

Captain Jack THE HAIR!!! IT IS RED!!! Lookin' good as always, darlin'!

Hanami woooow *_____* you look so amazing!!!

Lady Tyrona Woot! Thank you all so much!

laracroft41 Great job !

Morigor Hottest Lara Croft EVER!

Miki-san seems like alot of work went into this costume, it all looks really good and accurate though!

FrozenNight Your Lara is so amazing! *_*

Silent_Hill WOW!!!! You make an AMAZING Lara perfect, I love love LOVE your hair too! It's so bright and beautiful, deffinetly reminds me of the classic games :D

Lady Tyrona woooohoo. To get that compliment from you Silent Hill is a big honour. To this day your pictures and costumes have always been my inspiration. So a big thank you! Doesn't mean I apreciate all the other comments from you lovely people. I was so afraid I couldn't pull it off, but you people make me feel so good, so a big thank you to you too!

Lalalaracroft Nice Lara Croft outfit :D You are very beautiful ^.^

AoutValour Jeez! You are quite the artisan. Amazing work. You make the character really come alive.

Kittycricri omg, you look soooo much like hair! And I like the colour you choose for your hair! ^^

Miss_Lara_Croft How I love this photo.... =)) Perfect!

Angeal very good cosplay very nice pic

juujuu_pop amazing!! You look just like her!

fly_aguilera I LOVED! perfect! awesome!

rpmsauron wow love the red hair!! So ensorcelled!

Marcus Rush Great Lara Croft, excellent, congratulation