Paladins, Bards and Rouges Oh MY!

Paladins, Bards and Rouges Oh MY!

My bf, Sozokureed, writes and draws an online manga called Heaven System. In order to help promote the series, he asked me and some of my friends to dress up as his characters. How could I say no?

I'm the girl in the front in the blue dress with the big weapon of doom! dude that thing is 8 feet! Huge. I have to thank him because he helped me a lot with the costume. He did the armor parts, shoes and weapons, and I did everything else.

Please check out his manga here--> <a herf=""></a>

Left to right
Reed - Sozokureed
Raya - Daydreamernessa
Mint - NeoWinggoddess
Laurel - Me

Photo by Lionel Lum

Reed, Raya, Mint, Laurel
Heaven System
Laurel - Heaven System
10 years ago

GoldfishGirl Very pretty. Nice job.

NiGHTmaren I love these character designs, your boyfriend's work must be fantastic! You all look amazing!

xKasumix Amazing group! ^^

chibiplum The poses, the costumes, the expressions... everything is perfect.

Vani I remember seeing you guys at Fanime and being BLOWN AWAY by how GORGEOUSSSS you all are!! *0* Beautiful work! <3

XBaNaNaX great group shot! i love ur shoes. everything is awesome about this pic

MysteriousMaemi great group!