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I'm so glad I was able to find Jason to get a few quick shots of this outfit. I made it on a whim a few days before the opening of Indy 4 because I'd always wanted to make this outfit of Marion's and now I finally had a perfect excuse to do so.

This costume shows the return of iron-on transfers that worked so well with my Albert costume. I'd like to take the time to embroider the design by hand now that I have time to do so, but with only three days to make the outfit, having an iron-on transfer of the exact design was the next best thing!

Pic by Jason of

Marion Ravenwood
Indiana Jones Series
11 years ago

Geb_Geb marionnnnn wow beautiful ^^ I also want to do this outfit but your's perfect ^^

Rikku-chan ah! it's Marion!! you win MAJOR brownie points! haha I LOVE the shirt!! it's so pretty!

ravenmist That shirt looks perfect! You make a great Marion.

xKasumix So awesome. *_*

Lucifer Great work!

tahiti You look amazing! Yay for Indiana Jones!

Rosebud I can't express how perfect this is Vic, seriously!! ♥

klytaemnestra You make such a lovely Marion. I would have never guessed those were iron on transfers from your picture. I really had wanted to get Elsa done for the premiere myself but I believe I'll just wear it at Dragon*Con now.

Eveil sexi miss thang~~

Solaria I never even knew it was iron-on until I got waaaaaaay up-close. I figured you had just found a really accurate shirt. XD

Luo I was wondering what those designs were done with! XD You looked so cute in this costume XDDD

aLoneWolf Beautiful!

Jinyo Sassy!

bobbarker31 And on the back it says take back on Kadam to honor the Hebrew God whose Ark this is... :p You look great!!

_bang There is a reason I adore your cosplay. Well, really just you in general. You make a pretty spankin' Marion!

Amara Dolce I love every single little detail on this. Great job!

illjules that top consistently blows my mind every time i look at it~ *_*

Akasha1963 That is the most accurate Cairo Marion I have ever seen. Have you ever thought of trying the Belloq Dress?