Peanut Butter and Banana

Peanut Butter and Banana
@Scruffy Rebel

I can't even remember the last time Jaina Solo and I did a shoot together...Kenshin or Gank was the last time probably. So it was awesome now that I had Penelo done to get some photos with her jaw-dropping Fran.

Pic by Lionel

Final Fantasy XII
11 years ago

EndlessNights Stunning, awesome, wonderful! you both fits the charakter so well!

Rikku-chan you both are INCREDIBLE. GORGEOUS costumes!! ^^

Jaina Solo Sorry to be blunt, but your ass looks gorgeous in this shot.

aLoneWolf You both are jaw-droppingly beautiful in this!

Fire Lily You two look wonderful! You make such a cute Penelo ^.^

Jinyo Yay, elephant boots!

Ginny Great Penelo!

rosabella You guys are too epic!

pixiekitty Aw, i'm so glad to finally see this done! I know it was a lot of work, and you look great! So does Jaina back there ;) Both jaw-dropping for sure!

etaru Sexy ladies in gorgeous costumes striking gorgeous poses. What's not to like?!


kaurin Wow, great costumes and great photo! <3

Vani Peanut butter and banana never looked so f***ing HOT!!!! XD Oh man this set makes me drool... DROOL!!!!!!

Katie SEKUSHI DESU NE! NE? NEEEEEE~! (Sorry, the more tired I am, the more weeaboo.)

CosplayerGabi There is just too much detailing to see here. It's all so overwhelming the time that must have been spent on it.

Rosebud GAH~ you guys look so amazing!

seely that's really a great shot *__* love it!!!

`Difficile You two are the real thing! Jeez, dont stop being so amazing!

Foxxetta Amazing! You both suit the characters really well. Your Penelo is jaw-dropping. How in heck did you manage to make the boots without having a nervous breakdown? Haha! *faved*

Starxade I realy like the side profile shot on the costume in this shot! It captures the colors and design of the outfit well...excellent cosplay. -"t"