TA DA!!!!

TA DA!!!!
@Scruffy Rebel

Wow, I think this is the only costume I've ever had that has taken so long to get around to finishing. I was supposed to debut Penelo with Jaina Solo's Fran and Sana-Chan's Ashe at last year's Anime Expo...it finally debuted almost a year later at Fanime >.>

Better late than never I suppose!

I can't believe I finally have this costume. And I certainly wouldn't have it if not for the best boyfriend in the world, Jinyo, who made my jumpsuit in four nights and was sewing the armor in the car on the way to San Jose D: Needless to say because the costume was so rushed, parts of it are really amazing, and other parts are pure crap XD There's great detail on the shin part of the boots, and the arm cuffs and most of the jumpsuit...but there's a severe amount of detail lacking on the armor because we had to be picky about what we could finish on time. Needless to say there will be lots of updating before AX in another month!

One reason I adore this outfit so much is because the jumpsuit is made entirely out of leather. The armor pieces are pleather. And I actually somehow styled a wig semi-decently! There's fabric rope in the braid to make it thicker ^^

Pic by Lionel

Final Fantasy XII
11 years ago

bobbarker31 Too Cute!!! :D

Solaria I loved how all the little detailing came out though!

mr-kobayashi You look so cute, and the leather pieces look fantastic! Great job!

vannadear The jumpsuit is amazing O_O great Penelo! Very cute!!

unlock You're absolutely adorable in this costume~ *A*

Daitenshi Cuuuuuute! And of course the leather looks so good! *_*

Crystalike I saw this in the Dealer's room! it was fantastic! thank you for being an amazing Penelo!

XMoonLilyX This - is - adorable! *_*

seely you are a great penelo <3

etaru This just looks overall amazing!

mikcy You have such a pretty face and this costume is amazing. Best penelo ever! Glad to see someone make it out of leather! &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;

Rosebud This turned out SO awesome! Glad I got to see it in person~!

AmazonMandy You look like a little doll!!!

Vani You. Are AMAZING!!!! I couldn't get over all of that embroidery! WOW! *0* I am SO flattered that I got to take pictures with you! Hands down, BEST Penelo I have EVER seen!!!!! XD

LiL KRN YUNA Wow! What a beautiful Penelo ^^ You look amazing & the costume looks perfect!

Jaina Solo Cuuuuuuuuute!

mlarad Awesome penelo! Love all the details on the costume! great job!

kusogaki YESSS. I love the detail~


Aneris ...best...Penelo....ever...

Arlette The colors you used are beautiful, and I love how nicely tailored the main suit is to your figure.

aznbassplayer Yay you finally have it done! I really love the finished product! Very cute indeed :D

Relion PERFECT costume! I envy you!

HybridTwist The costume looks great on you. =)

Fire Lily Simply fantastic! I love all the embroidery detailing and leather tooling - you can definitely tell you put a lot of time and effort into this costume ^.^

fly_aguilera NICE!

Idillys Waw, There are all details. You make a really good job ! You are really cute.

ChancieChance You're definitely an amazing Penelo. The outfit looks pretty amazing to me, regardless of what you say are lack of details. I love how it looks! The jumpsuit, boots, wig, all of it. Awesome job!