Halcón Blanco グリフィス

Halcón Blanco グリフィス

Jia Jem What breathtaking armor~! I'm happy to see Berserk get some love~

Yamazaki ¿No pasaste calor?

Shirak La verdad es que no O_O, además ¡podía mover todas mis articulaciones! XDDD

Imperia wonderful work!!!

AmazonMandy You're a wonderful Griffith, i wish i had shots of us together in my Casca! The armor is really impressive!

Sarhugani Awesome job! You don't see Griffith very often, let alone anyone from Berserk. So I'm happy to see it done well. :)

Hyldegar Preciosa armadura, que gran trabajo. Lo mejor es que no era de pega, te podías mover xD

Goldy-Japan It is beautiful! Was the armor made for myself?

Shirak >Goldy-Japan: I used a kind of plastic, very thin plastic layers. It was very malleable, so you can give it lot of forms. Thanks for your comments, guys! I really appreciate it!^__^

+Misato+ wow, excelentes resultados *-* me gustaria ver mas fotos n.n

Simakai So well done! It looks so realistic!

Odd-One-Out My gosh, tha't some kickass work there. How was the manouevreability (sp?)

fly_aguilera amazing!

score Oh my gosh this is beautiful. Like most everyone I love and hate Griffith.

Cris Raziel me encantó como quedo!!!! felicidades