My Chakrams

My Chakrams

This lovely image was taken by me, then edited by GingerAnne. (Thank you for tolerating my stubbornness and editing it better than I could. :D )

These are Axel's chakrams from Kingdom Hearts II. They are my babies, my major summer project of 2007. The chakrams were completed in October 2007 and required the most difficult process of woodworking that I have experienced yet (Every edge is an angle, and there are angles within angles! o.O)

Fortunately, I discovered a new tool in my arsenal which allowed the process to flow very smoothly (with a dremel, one side took me 48 hours just to sand before I found the new equipment!)

Please enjoy them!

Kingdom Hearts II
12 years ago

Karlee-bum these look incredible o_o all the time you put in definitely payed off - they look so well-made. nice work! : D

Michela Thank you very much! :D

anablackcat Really good weapons!!! *_*

PapercutPerfect Awesome job!

Ranma 1-2 Well done on these! Really! You did a fantastic job. They look awesome and really add to the look of the whole costume.

negativedreamer great work as always!

Michela Thank you very much! *_*

Ayana4418 Ninja slice! XD Coolio~ :3